ACL - Return to Sport Program

The ACL - Return to Sport Program, is designed to prepare an athlete to successfully return to sports following ACL surgery and the completion of a physical therapy program.

The ACL - Return to Sport Program is designed for High School, College, and elite athletes who are at least four months out from ACL surgical repair.

What will the Program consist of?

This is a 12-week, small group Program which will be personalized in relation to the sport, needs and movement patterns of each athlete. The Return to Sport Program will incorporate evidence-based testing and training protocols and will typically include a dynamic warm-up, agility, resistance, and plyometric training.

This is an 12 week program, consisting of 24 small group training sessions.

Benefits of the ACL - Return to Sport Program include:

  • Reduced risk of re-injury

  • Return to proper function

  • Restore proper movementpatterns

  • Training program specific tofunctional test results

  • Ability to learn and implement sports-specific, training protocols

Your Sports Performance Trainer will develop your program in partnership with your healthcare team, which may include the following:

  • Physicians

  • Nurses

  • Physical Therapists

  • Athletic Trainers

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