I want supervision when I exercise.

Congratulations on wanting to participate in a supervised fitness and exercise program!

As a new member of our Center, you meet with our Nursing and Personal Training staff.

nursing_The Nurse will evaluate your health history, risk factors and/or symptoms that may affect or be affected by a fitness program. The nurse will take your blood pressure, heart rate, body composition, and body measurements. This will generate a computerized personal profile that the nurse will print and review with you.

The nursing assessment is focused on completing an overall medical screening. Nurse assessments are available to you quarterly in order to update your medical history and evaluate your progress. At your reassessment, the nurse will review a report comparing your prior statistics with current ones. The nurse will provide you with a copy of the report for your records.

Our nursing staff is well versed on all that the center has to offer and can give you great recommendations as to which programs will be most beneficial for any condition you may have. They are also available to facilitate the medical clearance process when necessary.

Personal TrainingFrom there, a Personal Trainer will meet with you for your fitness orientation.

The orientation is a two-step process designed to acclimate you to a fitness program specific to your goals. It is a great way for you to gain a general knowledge of the fitness floor and learn a safe and effective initial program.

Your first appointment is focused on goal setting and completing some simple fitness assessments including a functional movement screening designed to determine how best to create your program. You will meet with a trainer/exercise physiologist to discuss health history and fitness goals. Based on this conversation the trainer will design an individualized exercise program to meet your needs.

Your second appointment is designed to introduce you to the program created based on the information collected in your first session. The trainer will walk you through your program step by step in order to ensure you are comfortable using all of the equipment and you start your exercise program using correct settings, weight, and form.

After being on a consistent program for 6-8 weeks, you will meet with a trainer for a program review. The purpose of the program review is to reassess your current level, then discuss your current program, fitness goals and progress made. Based on this reassessment and conversation the trainer will make modifications to your program.

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