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Aquakinetics is an exercise and movement program revolutionizing aquatic training through the use of specialized equipment.

Aquakinetics is great for anyone looking for a vigorous, yet gentle workout.

Aquakinetics is especially beneficial for athletes, active seniors, joint-replacement patients, bariatric patients, and fitness seekers. Aquakinetics was created to enhance training in the pool. Through the Aquakinetics system, participants gain a more effective, powerful water workout. The results accomplished are dramatically improved.

How Aquakinetics Differs:

• Credibility: Aquakinetics is the first aquatic program to be accredited by the National Academy of Sports Medicine. This approval sets it soaring above other aquatics programs. Aquakinetics was created using research that proved its ability to deliver visible results. Its effectiveness has been repeatedly proven in one-on-one and group trials.

• Progression: Aquakinetics is the only aquatic training program to include multiple phases of training. Six different phases of training, each with their own levels of advancement, help ensure progression throughout.

• Challenge: This is a challenging exercise program. It proves you actually can sweat in the pool!


Aquakinetics Equipment

Aquakinetics’ specialized equipment helps increase strength and improve balance through customized intensity levels. There are three resistance levels for the upper body and two levels for the lower. Based on a client’s goals and needs, these levels are customized for a safe, appropriate workout.

Type of Aquakinetics Programs Offered:

• Personal Training: This allows an amazing personalized experience that ensures results. Choose your target areas—weight loss, strengthening, toning, flexibility, etc. Then, choose either 30- or 60-minute sessions.

• Small Group Training: Between four to eight participants meet in the pool at a specific day and time. The group setting allows for a fun, challenging workout in a supportive, non-intimidating atmosphere. You even may get a little healthy competition going!

• Joint Replacement Training: Aquakinetics is a safe, gentle method of training before and after joint replacement surgery. Strengthen the area involved for a quicker, easier healing process. Aquakinetics health professionals who perform this training must meet additional education requirements prior to certification.

• Sports Team Training: Aquakinetics training for athletes provides fitness variety and challenges that get results. Research proves aquatic training allows the same results as land training but with less chance of injury. Witness your athlete power through the water using the Aquakinetics program to improve strength, speed, endurance, and balance. This workout is customized for your specific sport. Team training options are available.

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