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Alice Candaras

Personal Trainer

Alice_CandarasPersonal Trainer Alice radiates enthusiasm about fitness. She earned her personal training certifications from the National Council on Strength and Fitness and the World Instructor Training Schools. She is a certified senior fitness specialist through the National Academy of Sports Medicine; a cycling instructor through Mad Dogg Athletics; and Group Fitness instructor through Les Mills. She is CPR/AED certified through the American Red Cross.

Alice's passion for fitness began three decades ago when she quit smoking and ran the NYC Marathon two years later. She transitioned her career to the fitness industry where she worked in a variety of fitness and health settings as trainer, instructor, and manager.

A caregiver by nature, Alice especially enjoys working with the Center's senior population. She has a unique understanding of the aging process and its results (or perceived results) on the body. With a safe approach, she takes her clients to the next step in increasing strength and functionality. Of course, Alice is happy to work with all populations, regardless of age or skill level.

Her hobbies include designing and making jewelry, freehand painting, vegetable gardening, studying horticulture, rock climbing, and playing/hiking with her dog Abby. She loves the beach, adventures, and vacationing in the islands. Alice prides herself on her fundraising efforts for MS, which include an annual 110-mile cycling event. She enjoys cooking and dining out; sushi with brown rice is a favorite meal, along with fresh fish and ceviche. Fun fact: As a teen, Alice rode a unicycle.

Alice strives to help each member settle for nothing less than his/her personal best.

What Alice's Clients Say:

From my first personal training session with Alice, I felt very comfortable. By the time I had my third session, I knew I would be looking forward to my fitness sessions with her. She demonstrates how to use each piece of equipment. While I’m working with it, she makes sure I get the most benefit. Alice has the foresight to know how much weight I can handle and the number of reps I can do safely. She balances each exercise’s challenge level against my abilities. The result: I do not get discouraged. I have signed up for 24 sessions with Alice. I look forward to each one.

-Michael Zaberto

I started to train with Personal Trainer Alice three times a week. I have lost 50 pounds so far, which is almost impossible due to my thyroid condition that hinders weight loss. Bouts of pneumonia caused damage to my lungs, including C.O.P.D. Despite all this, I have improved. I honestly can say it is because of Alice. My balance and breathing have improved. I have more strength now than ever in my life. I learned a lot about living a healthier lifestyle. Thank you so much, Alice, for improving my life!

-Joyce Friedman

I started training with Alice after I finished cardiac rehab. Alice is a talented, experienced, skillful physiologist and trainer. She possesses a unique, highly effective communication style. Her style is energized by humor and a positive attitude. She has a creative mind and an analytical eye. Alice's ability to listen and observe allows her to adjust her approach. She breaks movements into smaller increments so clients can replicate them. Alice builds my confidence with her enthusiasm, style, and humor. I feel much stronger and have more energy. My health has improved as well as my mobility. Thank you, Alice!

-Bill Tester

I'm 54 years old, and staying fit always has been a challenge. Commitment has been a chore. Personal Trainer Alice sets realistic expectations for me, and shares them with a good deal of optimism. She is patient and knowledgeable. Our twice weekly training sessions always are a positive experience.

-Alissa Sandler

Personal Trainer Alice makes it fun to work out with the various types of equipment at the Center. She cares about progress, and challenges me to get really good results. I feel a lot better because of Alice. The Center staff is courteous and friendly every time I visit.

-Peter Banyan

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I am amazed at how much I enjoy going to the Center because of Alice. She has a unique way, and is very compassionate about what she does. After all these years, anyone who can get me to work out on a Saturday morning rocks in my book. And Alice is that person!

-Sandra LaMotta

I first met Alice at another fitness facility. I trained with her twice a week. When Alice decided to work for the Center, I followed her here. I still train with her twice a week. I enjoy every workout. She encourages me with her creative nature to work hard. She knows when to challenge me. I look forward to our workouts. Since training with Alice, my physician has taken me off the cholesterol medication I used for a long time, and reduced my other medications. I feel much stronger and healthier! Thank you, Alice.

-Robert Flick

Alice is a very dedicated trainer. She helps me accomplish great things.

-Joseph Pagano

I find Alice knows what you can do, so she can train you to complete each workout safely. If you feel uncomfortable during the workout, she encourages you to tell her so she can make adjustments. Being a senior, I trust her to set up a workout plan that fits what I need (strength, cardio, and stability) so I can achieve my goals. She has a great personality, and makes workouts fun. I recommend her for Trainer-of-the-Month. Keep up the good work, Alice!

-Jeanette Pizzani

Thank you, Alice, for "saving my life"! Part of being a dedicated professional trainer is knowing when a client is experiencing a problem. Alice saved my life by being alert and aware. I was diagnosed with AFib. A trip to the emergency department confirmed this. Today, I am well and back to working with Alice. I will be grateful forever to Alice, and to the Center for having such a wonderful, responsible woman on their team.

-Dawn Tanenbaum

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What a gift Alice is for me as my personal trainer. Alice greets me each session with friendliness and lots of positive energy. She knows which exercises and equipment work best for me. She encourages me with praise and gentle hints to try harder. My stamina has increased greatly. I found Alice so helpful, I was motivated to commit to another 24 personal training sessions. As Alice frequently says, "It's all good."

-Mary Tierney

Alice is a wonderful trainer. She knows exactly how to motivate me. She combines exercises so every session is different. Alice is funny, patient, and knowledgeable. I highly recommend her to anyone considering personal training. She also has a great sense of humor.

-Melinda Singer

I have been to many gyms over the years, and trained with many trainers. At the Center, I knew I found the trainer who could help achieve my goals. After working together for four months, I'm very satisfied. I’m glad I chose Alice as my trainer. I recommend her with confidence. Her motivation and passion for fitness is truly an inspiration.

-Karen Dorrell

I was intimidated by the whole gym experience until I started training with Alice. Her relaxed, friendly way quickly put me at ease. Going to the Center is now a happy part of my weekly routine. I definitely notice a difference in how I feel and function. I use the stairs with less knee pain; my back, which is prone to spasms, is stronger; and I walk with more pep. Thank you, Alice!

-Gerri Nizza

From our first fitness session, Alice made working out fun! I look forward to building a long-term training plan with her.

-Cathleen Seco

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I would like to recommend Alice for "Best Trainer." I have trained with her on a regular basis for many months. Her skills are excellent. Almost intuitively, she knows which exercises I need. She is always encouraging and motivating. Alice is outstanding. Without a doubt, she is the best trainer I ever had!

-Michael O'Keefe

I am approaching 60 years old. I realize health problems are more likely as we age, especially if we are overweight. My main goal is to be fit and active so my golden years truly will be golden. Alice listened to my needs and customized my workout routine. After our initial meeting was a success, I signed up for 24 sessions. Throughout each session, Alice is encouraging and creative. She is a great motivator, and funny! Thanks to Alice, I feel energized and stronger after each session. I look forward to working out because I feel good during and after. I know it will be a blessing in my future. Alice, I'm one of your minions!

-Abby Adams

I hate exercising. But, if I am going to be healthy and fit to best enjoy my future, I know I must work out. Alice makes it better than okay. Her routines strengthen me and improve my endurance. She is supportive, often joking with me about my dislike of exercising. Alice is knowledgeable and insightful. She is the perfect combination for someone like me.

-Linda Parry Carney

Alice is a dedicated trainer. She makes sure her clients receive the care and supervision necessary for a positive fitness experience.

-Cathy DePrisco

I just started training with Alice. She is great! At 6:00 a.m., she motivates me to do everything she asks, and the time flies! I am never bored during my workouts.

-Marqueritha Clarke

I am 76 years old. Staying fit is very important to me. Alice is compassionate, motivating, and understanding. She has a great sense of humor. Working with her is a wonderful training experience. Thank you so much!

-Barbara Blecher

I met with Alice for my 6-8 week trainer visit. She learned I like to swim and suggested the Aqua Kinetics system. It is great! I get an excellent work out. Immediately, I noticed the difference in my swimming endurance. And, I have no pain. I enjoy my sessions with her. Alice is always upbeat.

-Susan Lesh

I turned down multiple invitations from my husband to join the Center. My schedule is very hectic. Then, a wake-up call came at my last check-up with my primary physician. My blood levels were high and I weighed more than ever. No more excuses! I joined the Center in November 2015. My first visit was not easy. I did not know where to start. I saw Alice at the Trainers Desk and approached her for help. She was nice and very patient. I decided to make her my personal trainer. Alice is very knowledgeable. She motivates me to push harder, especially when she knows I am ready to quit. I like her exercise routines and enjoy working with her. Now, I'm on my nineteenth session with her. I lost 17 pounds, and my blood levels are within normal limits. Kudos to Alice for helping me reach my goals. I am definitely inspired to continue!

-Maribel Damian

I just began doing Aquakinetics with Trainer Alice. It's a tough workout, but she makes it fun. She is upbeat, funny, and extremely knowledgeable. She challenges me, always knowing how high to set the bar. I have several medical problems, but we work through them. When we finish, I'm ready to keep going! No trainer has ever motivated me as Alice does. She is in a league of her own. Thank you!

-Janet Nelson

If you told me six months ago I would wake up to work out at 5:00a.m.-- and actually love it-- I would have said "No way!" Thanks to Alice, this is a reality. So far, she has helped me lose over nine percent body fat and gain muscle. Alice listens and encourages me to try harder, while genuinely caring about my limitations. I couldn't be happier. I intend to keep training with Alice.

-Kat Slacke

Personal Trainer Alice fully explained my exercise program and answered all my questions. She is friendly, compassionate, and truly cares about helping her clients reach their fitness goals. I highly recommend her.

-Maria Losen

Alice listened to what I hoped to achieve through fitness. She was especially attentive to my training problems. She determined what worked for me and expanded upon that. She helped me try the fitness equipment, which I never previously considered using. Alice made me comfortable pushing past my previous boundaries. She is encouraging, knowledgeable, and very nice.

-Ginger Barreyy

Alice is consistent and upbeat. She is knowledgeable, understanding, and encouraging. She is also flexibility when our schedule needs to be changed. I look forward to our sessions. My morning sessions help me start the day right. I am stronger and have increased my balance. My progress has been gradual yet steady. I truly appreciate my health now. Alice has contributed to my well-being.

-Judy Solomon

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