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Alyssa Johnson

Personal Trainer

Alyssa helps members manage a healthier lifestyle through fitness programs that deliver. She earned her Bachelor of Science degree in nursing from William Paterson University, and her personal training certification from the National Council for Certified Personal Trainers. She is certified in CPR/AED by the American Heart Association.

Prior to becoming a personal trainer, Alyssa worked successfully as a registered nurse for three years in rehabilitative settings. Always passionate about fitness, she was inspired to combine this with her healthcare career to become a personal trainer.

Alyssa’s specialties include building muscle, increasing stamina, and functional training to improve movement and reduce risk of injury. She is skilled at helping her clients achieve and maintain a healthy weight through interval training, circuit training, and super-setting. For seniors, sessions focus on improving balance, coordination, and stability. For clients who want to increase strength, she incorporates weights and hypertrophy training to build muscle mass. She even has an abs/glutes combo to multitask middle trouble zones. To keep things fun and energetic, Alyssa may throw in some boxing moves. Regardless, improved quality-of-life is the ultimate goal at every training session with Alyssa.

She loves helping her clients and having a positive impact on their lives. They are always eager to return for more.

What Alyssa's Clients Say: 

Alyssa inspires me to go to the Center more. I love training with her so much. She keeps our sessions fun. She changes the routines so they don’t get stagnant. Her vast knowledge in the health field makes it easier for a middle-aged woman returning to fitness after knee-replacement surgery. I trust her explicitly. I have had personal trainers for over 20 years. By far, she is the best personal trainer I ever had. I lose inches and pounds, slowly but steadily. My results motivate me to continue with Alyssa. 

-Shari Harrison

Alyssa helped me from the first time I approached the trainers' desk. I just left my nurse evaluation with specific goals. They were not the usual weight, strength, and balance scenario, but a focus on my overall well-being. I work for myself, by myself. It is very hard for me to put myself first instead of my clients’ needs. Alyssa and I developed a set of goals, starting with body-weight resistance training to build strength, confidence, and balance. I love learning about my body and seeing results. I feel much stronger when performing my long-time routines like yoga and swimming. She shows me how to use everything at the Center, specifically to benefit my body type and goals. She is tuned in to my personality and what works for me. Alyssa’s smile, enthusiasm, and gentleness makes the sessions fly. She is a joy. Working with her has improved my life in many ways. I needed something real. I needed it quickly because I was headed in the wrong direction. Alyssa's knowledgeable approach has been a life-changer. I am deeply grateful. 

-Sarah Heflin

Alyssa has helped me improve stamina and flexibility. She has a positive, upbeat personality, which makes working out fun! I enjoy coming to the Center to train with her. Thank you so much, Alyssa!

-Kathleen Brennan

Sheila_SarverI have been training twice a week with Alyssa for the past three months. She is a delightful, positive, and energetic trainer, with extensive knowledge and creativity. My workouts are challenging but fun. Alyssa's gentle encouragement and enthusiasm motivate me to push myself a bit more at every session. After training with her, I feel a great sense of accomplishment and well-being. I look forward to continuing my fitness journey with Alyssa.

-Sheila Sarver

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