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Chris Holstrom

Personal Trainer

Chris_HolstromPersonal Trainer Chris believes the body is like clay, ready to be shaped by our lifestyle. He strives to help you sculpt a healthier body and mind through fitness and better nutrition.

Chris earned his Bachelor of Science degree in community health education, with a concentration in nutrition, from the University of Scranton. He is a certified personal trainer through the National Academy of Sports Medicine, with CPR/AED/first aid certification through the American Red Cross.

He enjoys working with all age groups and fitness levels. Chris includes functional training in all his sessions to improve everyday movement, either when doing household chores or winning your next game. He specializes in weight loss, toning, and hypertrophy training (strength training for rapid muscle growth).

His passion about fitness and helping others motivates his clients to experience their best workout every time.

What Chris's Clients Say:

Before I started training with Chris about a month ago, I had not exercised in around 15 years. Chris makes exercise interesting. He keeps me motivated to achieve my goals. I have tried new fitness equipment and methods of working out. After one month of training with Chris, my weight is down almost 10 pounds. I started at 290 pounds just 30 days ago. I look forward to an arm wrestling match with him when I hit my next goal (to drop to 270 pounds) at the end of next month. The Center trainers are not intimidating. Trainer Chris is very dedicated. I'm an old man-- double Chris’s age. However, his knowledge about weight loss and exercise makes it easy. My friends think I already lost 50 pounds! My posture is better and so is my back. I find myself taking the stairs now instead of the escalators, and I like that! I will remain committed because Chris continues to work hard to help me reinvent myself. I travel a lot, but he is flexible with scheduling our sessions. I highly recommend Chris.

This is my second post about my trainer, Chris Holstrom. I started out at 315 pounds in July 2018 . After the holidays, during which time I struggled, I'm happy to post breaking the 270 mark again. I lost 45 pounds! Now, my goal is to drop to 250 pounds. I haven't been 250 pounds in 30 years. I feel stronger than I did throughout my 30s, 40s, and most of my 50s. Chris’ experience and attitude keep it interesting.

-Mike Rose

nancy_sI have been working out with Chris since I became a Center member in January. I train with him for one hour, twice per week. In only two months, I see results. I had my nurse evaluation. I lost four pounds and inches as a result of my excellent sessions with Chris. He is a great motivator who challenges me to accomplishments beyond my expectations. He also recommends good eating habits, which has helped me. I improved the way I eat because of him. He is a great fit for me. We get along well. I’m happy I have him in my corner. Thank you, HackensackUMC Fitness & Wellness Powered by the Giants. I can't wait until my next nurse evaluation so I can hopefully see more results.

-Nancy Spitaletta

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