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Desiree Adinolfe

Personal Trainer

Desiree_AdinolfePersonal Trainer Desiree earned a Bachelor of Arts degree from Montclair State University. She is a certified personal trainer and Group Fitness instructor through the International Fitness Association. Desiree is also a certified Zumba instructor, and Bell-to-Bell boxing and kickboxing instructor through the Title Boxing Club.

Desiree's experience includes working at a variety of fitness venues. She began as a martial arts teacher, and expanded to kickboxing under the martial arts discipline. This passion prompted her to learn and teach more boxing under the instruction, and along side of, mixed martial arts fighters, martial artists, and professional boxers.

Aside from fitness training and instruction, Desiree worked in the sports entertainment industry. Her background includes working with several professional sports teams. She was a squad member of the New Jersey Devils Cheerleaders Ice Girls, and a member of the New Jersey Nets Game Night Crew and part of the NBA. Desiree also was appointed sideline reporter for the Danbury Whalers under the Federal Hockey League. Her specialties include high-intensity interval training, core training, strength training, weight loss, and healthy-living training.

With a strong interest in music, Desiree spends free time playing instruments, including the clarinet, flute, saxophone, and a little guitar. She attends an ecclectic mix of concerts. She is a diehard hockey and football fan. Go Devils! Go Giants! An athlete herself, she has successfully completed a Tough Mudder.

Desiree loves animals, especially her dog. She enjoys traveling and experiencing new opporunities. A nature-lover, she often hikes and takes camping trips. Sushi and pizza are Desiree's favorite eats. Fun fact: Desiree is a kid at heart.

With a suppotive attitude and exciting fitness programs, Desiree inspires members to greater heights in fitness and beyond.

What Desiree's Clients Say:

I'm new to the gym environment, and thought a personal trainer would help me become more comfortable with working out. I started working with Personal Trainer Desiree. I shared my concerns and fears, and she truly helped me become more comfortable. She listened to me. She motivated me to become healthier and more active. She's a great trainer. Thank you, Desiree!

-Robin D.

Linda_ManzoI started training with Desiree in January 2014 after a long time away from the Center. She instantly made me comfortable. I knew we were a good fit. Desiree always has a challenging workout for me, and I love that. She helped me prepare for my first Mudderella obstacle race. Now, she is helping me train for my first Disney Princess half marathon! I really enjoy my workouts. I’m thankful to Desiree for getting me back into fitness!

-Linda Manzo


Mary_Ann_MaioranaI have been working with Personal Trainer Desiree for a few months. I had not exercised in a long while and needed to start from scratch. She started me on a program that improved my stability and strength. She continues to challenge and motivate me. This has made a world of difference in my quality-of-life and self-confidence. I look forward to continuing our training, and working to achieve goals I set for myself. Thank you, Desiree! I am so grateful you are my trainer.

-Mary Ann Maiorana


I have been working with Personal Trainer Desiree since March 2014. I was apprehensive about joining a new fitness facility. I always had been inconsistent with my gym attendance in the past. When I first sat down with Desiree, she made me feel very comfortable and listened attentively to my goals, as well as my past struggles. So far, I lost inches; my overall body fat dropped seven points. Thanks to Desiree's motivation and support, I remain steadfast in my desire to achieve my fitness goals. I truly believe God put Desiree in my life for a reason!

-Paula D.

After playing basketball competitively for over two decades, I thought I knew almost everything about fitness. I was wrong. After working with Desiree over the past several months, I noticed significant improvement in my strength and flexibility. Despite my busy schedule, I look forward to Desiree's weekly fitness challenges along with her unending enthusiasm.

-El Berry

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I worked with Desiree over the summer. She was a joy! She made my workouts challenging and fun. She is an excellent listener and motivator. I recommend Desiree to anyone interested in purchasing personal training.

-Carol James

beth_I just signed up for another package of personal training sessions with Desiree. I never know what she will have planned for me when I arrive at the Center. No two workouts are ever alike. However, I always can count on the same great feeling each time I leave. She is an attentive, knowledgeable trainer who challenges her clients enough to see great results without overdoing it. I leave every workout tired, with a great sense of accomplishment and motivation to keep coming back.

-Beth M.


Desiree is a natural motivator. She helped me begin my journey to a healthier, fitter life. Desiree changes up the routine so I enjoy varied workouts. The time really flies. I'm especially grateful she is sensitive to physical limitations, and always accommodates me. Working out with her is a pleasure.

-Patricia Bonney Lynam

Desiree challenged me to my next level in fitness. She made me forget I am 20 years her senior; she treated me like an equal. Desiree was inspiring and motivating. I recommend her for anyone truly interested in achieving their fitness goals.

-Pamela Paige

I had a very positive training experience with Desiree. She understood what I wanted to accomplish and tailored a training program consistent with my goals. I highly recommend her!

-Jason Lynch

After years of trying to establish a fitness routine by myself, I decided it was time to seek out a professional to help me. I discovered the Center where I met Desiree through the initial orientation session. I was at ease with her approach, and appreciated her questions to better understand my fitness goals. She showed me exercises I never knew, and refreshed my memory on exercises from my youth. If you want someone to help establish fitness goals as well as milestones along the way, Desiree is the trainer! She keeps you motivated with encouragement and positive reinforcement.

-Michelle Redmond

Lisa_SwainAlthough I was in shape, Desiree realized I needed to fine-tune my core strength. Over eight sessions, she introduced me to a variety of exercises to improve my functional strength. The exercises really helped improve my strength and balance. I enjoyed working with Desiree. She understood my abilities and limits, so she never pushed me too hard. I always looked forward to our sessions together.

-Lisa Swain

I've been working with Desiree for a while. She is awesome! She listens to what I need, and want, to work on. She creates fun workouts that also challenge me so I can reach my goals. She's a natural motivator. Desiree has helped me feel more comfortable with certain workouts. She encourages me to do things I never would have done on my own. I'm thankful for her. I enjoy my workouts with Desiree. I always am excited to see what she plans for our sessions. I can't wait to sign up for training with her again!

-Stefany C.

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