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Season Ticket Holder 2016

Jaime Aponte

Personal Trainer

Jaime_ApontePersonal Trainer Jaime assures his clients get their quota of daily sweat on the Fitness Floor. He earned his Bachelor of Science degree in physical education, with a Minor in exercise science, from Manhattan College. His background includes extensive work as a physical therapist aide.

Jaime specializes in helping those in need of post-rehabilitative fitness. His experience in the physical therapy capacity allowed him to help patients progress after injuries and surgery through exercise, functional movement, and proper stretching. He is a lifelong athlete who is personally familiar with sport performance training.

Whether you are overcoming physical challenges or an athletic handicap, Jaime delivers the support and expertise needed for success. 

What Jaime's Clients Say:

Instructor Jaime was amazing. He kept us motivated and challenged. The class had a great music playlist combined with Jaime’s fun, inspiring workout. Very energetic class!
Thank you, Jaime!

-Zerrin Ayitkan

I was introduced to Jamie in April 2018 in Group Fitness. I haven't missed a class since! His exceptional enthusiasm and fun energy has helped me stay motivated. Jamie always corrects my form when needed. He encourages me to challenge myself throughout the whole workout. He is knowledgeable, personable, and fun. I recommend Jamie to anyone who wants to take their fitness to the next level. My strength and endurance has increased tremendously!

-Samra Mekbeb

Jaime is awesome! He motivates me to stay committed to my workout. Inspiring your intrinsic motivation so you can reach your goals is the best thing a trainer can do. Even when I miss some days at the Center, I look forward to Jaime's classes. I don't want to miss them. He sets the tone from the start. You are expected to rise to the occasion and do your personal best. He's highly spirited and energetic. His workout routines are versatile. I know my physical conditioning has improved because of Jaime.

-Soyini Ma'at

I have been a Center member for years but only managed to go a handful of times. I went to a lot of classes, but never felt inspired. I am not much of an athlete. I always worry about hurting myself when exercising. Recently, I attended Jaime's Boxing Bootcamp class. I absolutely loved it. The format is fun and energetic. The exercises are easy enough to replicate, but extremely effective. The most impressive part is how Jaime walks around and individually corrects each person's form during the exercises. It is almost like personal training in a group class. I discovered I have been doing very basic exercises wrong all these years. Since going to that first class, I have become a regular at the Center. I was considering cancelling my Center membership before stumbling upon Jaime’s class. He got me motivated again!

-Daniela Krinshpun

I decided to try Boxing Bootcamp at the Center. Wow! What a great class, made even better because the instructor was Jaime. He was amazing. He modified the exercises to fit my personal needs. It was one of the best classes I have ever taken. I will become a regular at his classes. Thanks, Jaime!

-Karen Kleinman

I am so glad I decided to try Jaime's Boxing Bootcamp class! He began the class by explaining the format and demonstrating each exercise. I never felt intimidated. He offered assistance as needed. It was a high-energy, intense class but also enjoyable. Jaime is a great instructor. He uses his personal training experience as he guides you through the Bootcamp. I loved everything about the class. I plan to add it to my weekly routine.

-Rae Anne Pavlovic

I enjoy almost all the Center’s Group Fitness classes, but Jaime's classes are my favorite! My favorite of his is the H.I.I.T. class, but I honestly enjoy all of them. Even in a group environment, you can tell he cares about each individual in the class. He knew my name and was addressing me personally by my second week in his classes. He is extremely energetic and motivating. Sometimes, it is hard for me to get to the Center. However, if I am going to Jaime’s class, I am actually excited to go. It is evident he loves what he is doing and genuinely cares. He also makes all of his classes fun, which makes me enjoy them even more. By going to his classes, I have noticed an increase in my strength. Soon, I will sign up for personal training sessions with him. I highly recommend Jaime as a trainer. I can't wait for our personal training sessions!

-Christina Boyadjian

I recently started working out again, post-pregnancy. After taking Jaime’s classes, I am more motivated and dedicated to get back in shape than ever! His energy, positivity, and knowledge keeps you going even when you feel like giving up. Jaime makes each workout challenging and fun. I’m looking forward to taking more of his classes.

-Danielle Filardi

I take BYOB with Jaime. I love it! He thoroughly explains all exercises and gives options for modifications. He plays awesome music, and keeps you moving with his contagious energy. Jaime motivates throughout the class. It’s a great time!

-Michelle Alfano

Jaime is amazing! He helped me tremendously in the six months leading to my wedding. I am forever grateful. Being able to walk more was one of the no-scale victories I noticed immediately after training with him. I work in the city and walk several blocks throughout the day. Before I started training, I would get out of breath and my shins would tighten up. After training with him, I was able to walk those same blocks in half the time and not get winded. It was like a miracle. Jaime is a motivator and, ultimately, he became a great friend. He knows how to challenge you to pull from strength you didn't know (or remember) you had. On top of our twice weekly sessions, his group classes helped me continue to strength and improve cardio fitness as well. There are many positive things I can share about him. However, the most important is “thank you.” Jaime encouraged me to try new things and showed me the person I once was.

-Zariel Grullon

I really enjoy working out with Jaime. His energy motivates me to go farther. His fitness classes are always well prepared, organized, and easy to follow. I take boxing and every class is different. I can feel my body, mostly my abs, burning (in a good way) after his classes. Great work, Jaime!

-Anny Duenas

Yasmine_PessarI never had Jamie as a personal trainer. However, I do have him as an instructor for Boxing class--and I love it! Before I began taking his class, I did not have a lot of upper body and core strength. Now, I do! Plus, it has improved my posture. I hope Jamie continues to teach!

-Yasmine Pessar

I started my fitness journey in July. Jaime has been guiding me every step of the way. When I first joined the Center, I felt too intimidated to share my goals with anyone. After only a few meetings with Jaime, we developed a plan to help me succeed. I began seeing him every 6-8 weeks for my free training session. However, I knew that would not be enough. Jaime recommend his Boxing class, and I absolutely loved it. Although I loved working out with Jaime through his classes, I still needed more to achieve my goals. I signed up for one-on-one training with him. Now, I feel I am starting to achieve the goals we set in July. Each workout is different and targets specific body parts. Jaime makes you laugh during each session. He challenges you to you overcome your fears and doubts. I can't wait to renew my training package and continue my journey with an amazing trainer. Thanks, Jaime!

-Victoria Santos

I don't have Jaime as a personal trainer. However, I take his Boxing classes. Jaime has great presence in the class. He is attentive, energizing, and motivating! Jaime gets to know the class. He becomes familiar with us. He even knows who has injuries and may need modifications. His spirit and energy are contagious. Classes are always interesting and constantly refreshed. I love his class!

-Kelly Nurnberg

After 13 years of failed attempts at fitness, I finally reached my goals. For that, I am grateful to Jamie. He is the perfect balance between tough and encouraging. He can help anyone, regardless of fitness level. He develops amazing workouts. (You've never seen circuits like Jamie's!) He customizes your program, and always keeps it interesting and challenging. Jaime is incredibly knowledgeable, has a wonderful personality, and inspires his clients to achieve beyond expectations. He also is hilarious and fun to be around. I comfortably lost 30 pounds of fat and gained 20 pounds of muscle in only two months of training. I strongly recommend Jamie to anyone serious about achieving fitness goals.

-Michalis Antoniou

Jaime is a fantastic trainer. I have been doing Small Group Training with him and a few close friends. The workouts are intense, but he simultaneously makes them fun. Each session is different. Over the course of eight sessions, I felt myself getting stronger. He challenges you, and doesn't expect anything less. You won't be disappointed with Jaime!

-Sabrina Malik

I've only had two sessions with Jaime. Already, I’m impressed with his contagious enthusiasm. When I meet with him, I get fired up. I complete his recommended routines with vigor. His influence makes my workouts enjoyable. His humorous personality is a big plus. The fitness routines aren't overly challenging; however, they are enough to improve my physical and mental state. Jaime is an asset to this Center.

-Morty Kostetsky

I met Jaime when he substituted for the instructor in one of the classes I took. He was so full of energy and panache, I was immediately drawn to him. Now, Jaime is my personal trainer and Small Group trainer. I take all of his classes. I have seen improvement in my strength, stamina, agility, and overall fitness. I look forward to working out with him and increasing my fitness goals in the new year. I highly recommend Jaime. He is worth it!

-Ruth Kim

On a whim on July 4th of 2016 I decided to join a Spartan race. With less than 2 months of training and just having turned 40...HUMC Fitness and Wellness became my second home...With no experience I managed to finish the race that was 3.1 miles and 24 obstacles in the 33rd percentile and in 53 mins But I was mentally and physically exhausted I decided I wanted to do this again, difference being I wanted to be stronger and handle all my obstacles better lower my time and percentile. I needed help!..The trainers desk thought Jaime could help me with my current fitness goals. Jaime was an amazing trainer! With much enthusiasm and great routines,I was never bored and always pushed beyond my limit in every sessions. I not only am a lot stronger physically, But he has gotten me through many mental hurdles I had. As if all this wasn't enough..I no longer am feeling my aggravating bursitis of my hip, sciatica, and bad knees because of proper workout s and strengthening of all my muscles and learning proper form. After just 16 sessions I was able to participate in a spartan training this weekend with 2 straight hours of HIIT with no problem. when I used to tire at the 15 min high intensity mark. I am ready to conquer my next race in 2 months. I have Jaime to thank for that.

-Elizabeth Deliu

I met Jaime in May 2016 highly recommended by my former trainer Jen Rau. In the beginning I thought Jaime's training was a bit tough, but I found myself wanting to try all his teachings on my own on Friday's. Also I continued to sign up for 24 sessions even now in 2017. I've come to love my training with Jaime at 5 a.m. Mondays and Wednesdays. Not only do I look amazing in numerous outfits, but I feel amazing. I love running outside and I have picked up longer distances on my runs and it's all because of Jaime's focused training on making me not only stronger but faster and better at whatever challenges I set out to do.

-Melissa Washington

I am a runner, spinner and all-around cardio junkie. I have never really done much strength-training. This summer I decided to give it a try and signed up for personal training with Jamie. Its been less then 6 months and I can feel a big difference. Jamie is motivating and keeps the workouts interesting without being too "much." I would highly recommend him.

-Francesca O'Cathain

I just finished personal training sessions with Jaime and cannot speak more highly of Jaime's knowledge base and his commitment to his clients. He takes a personal interest in helping his clients to reach their goals and his energy and positivity are contagious! But the singing..... actually I hope you never stop singing Jaime! You have made your mark and my health is better as a result. Thank you Jaime!

-Suzanne Noseworthy

I have been into fitness for many years...mostly a cardio junkie...started weight training a about a year ago.. I've procrastinated about using a personal trainer for a while, then I started training with Jaime ,and I'm glad I did it finally . He's extremely knowledgeable, answers my (many) questions & helped me realize the importance of correct form & posture. I was able to perform exercises I would never have attempted on my own. Each workout is tailored so I can achieve exactly what we have discussed. Our sessions are always hard work, he pushes me to limits I did not think I could surpass ....for me my workouts with Jaime have an element of fun, he's always positive and cheerful, while motivating me. I've learned so much from Jaime in just a short time...Wish I could have him with me for every workout.

-Lori Scruggs

After a year or so of being a member at Hackensack Fitness & Wellness Powered by the Giants, it came time for another evaluation. That's when I met Jaime. His energy is off the charts! He convinced me to do 1/2 hour sessions 1-1 with him...best thing I ever done. I have decreased the amount of body fat and have increased my lean body weight (that's fancy for I am stronger!). When working out with him he jumps around and gets you motivated!! I look forward to my, now 1 hour, sessions with him!! Highly recommend him to anyone who wants results!! Keep up the good work Jaime!

-Christy Nelson

After turning 50, I found it difficult and frustrating to do things I had always enjoyed. I was too tired from work each night to make any kind of sustained change. I turned to Jaime's expertise to come up with a program that I could handle. Little did I know the impact it would have on my life! Jaime comes to each session supremely prepared. No matter what time of day (or early morning) I work with him, his energy and humor are boundless. He makes every workout fun which keeps me coming back. Jaime has a knack for keeping me challenged while never making it so hard I get discouraged. Not only has my strength and coordination improved but so has my energy and confidence. Working with Jaime has been an a rewarding journey.

-Joan Oblak

I first met Jaime when I took his Boxing classes. Instantly, I was hooked on the class and his style of teaching. I decided to ask him to be my trainer. I never had a trainer before. I felt Jaime could challenge me a little more. We’ve been working together for two months. I look forward to our 6am session each week. He is a great motivator. I know he'll help me reach my fitness goals. He instructs me until I do the exercise perfectly. And, he makes me laugh throughout to keep it fun. I feel stronger and more fit each week. Jaime is always available to answer questions. He takes pride in his work. I recommend Jaime’s fitness classes and personal training to everyone.

-Marisa Arcacoli

Jaime and I have been training for almost a year. Over this time, I have watched my body transform. Training with Jaime has helped me become a stronger person, physically and mentally. I most value how Jaime motivates and challenges me, even when I doubt myself. On days when I struggle, he knows how to bring out my best. Recently, Jaime and I have been doing a lot of ab workouts. I already see a significant improvement. I’m excited to continue training with Jaime.

-Melissa Thomas

After seeing Jaime train other clients, I decided to switch trainers. I don't regret it! He keeps me motivated. He trains in the style to which I am accustomed. I gained muscle weight and lost inches. I love how he pays attention to details. Jaime makes needed corrections in a reinforcing fashion. I am considering doubling up on my training sessions and taking his Kickboxing classes!

-Claudette A

Initially, I was reluctant to enter the personal training world again. I landed in Jaime's hands after giving in to extremely high recommendations. Jaime has a lot of experience in the personal training world, and also knows his physiology very well! On my road to Miss New Jersey, I needed someone to closely watch my movements to ensure I wouldn't damage anything. I was dedicating myself to rigorous workouts. Jaime exceeded my expectations, not only as a trainer but also as a great companion to motivate me to improve. Being around such a vibrant person made working out much more enjoyable. Jaime's Group Fitness classes were a bonus to my training. They added extra doses of Jaime's great energy to my daily routine!

-Michelle Molina

I have been weight training since I was 16 years old. I ran track in high school. I never thought I would need a trainer. I was wrong. Jaime is an amazing trainer. He helped me out of a workout rut. He assesses where you are physically, and tailors workouts for you. He always challenges you to help you reach new heights in fitness. I highly recommend him.

-John Chipman

I have two young children. Both were born by C-sections. For over a year, I wanted to lose about 20 pounds. I joined the Center because my husband loves being a member here. Within a few weeks, I realized I needed more motivation and accountability. We watched Jaime with other members, and agreed he seemed very encouraging and motivating. I met with Jaime for a consultation. After only one meeting, I already liked his personality and positive attitude. I chose 24 training sessions with him. I have about 10 left and plan to add more. I train with Jaime twice a week. In just a couple months, I lost a few pounds and gained muscle. Jaime’s training sessions are simultaneously challenging and fun. Previously, I couldn't do a squat to save my life. With his training, I do squats well now. I recommend Jaime to anyone of any age. You won't be disappointed!

-Katie Craig

I absolutely love Jaime's Boxing classes on Sunday mornings! He is an awesome instructor. You can't help being motivated and having fun because he's so energetic and encouraging. He explains the moves and provides modifications as needed. Jaime has such a great attitude. His workouts start the day off positive and pumped up!

-Jeanie Pak

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