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Josh Steckel

Assistant Fitness Manager

Josh_SteckelAssistant Fitness Manager Joshua earned his Bachelor of Science degree in exercise science from Cedarville University, and his certification as a health and fitness specialist from the American College of Sports Medicine. He is CPR/AED certified.

Joshua enjoys a variety of training methods, assuring to meet the needs of the Center's diverse membership. He specializes in functional movement training, with programs to progress sport rehabilitation and prevent future injuries. He also offers corrective exercise and athletic training (including for popular mud run events). Chat with Joshua on the Exercise Floor to determine how he can help meet your fitness needs.

In his free time, Joshua enjoys playing ultimate Frisbee/Frisbee golf, Paleo/primal living and training (ask him about this!), outdoor adventures, and CrossFit training. He prides himself on his interest in nerdy exercise stuff.

Fun fact: Joshua was very overweight as a teenager, without muscle and coordination. He motivated himself to take control of his life and look "ripped" in his Nike spandex shirt. Nine years later, he is the same weight but a completely new man. He strives to help members become new and improved, too.

Make health your highest priority. With Joshua's help, conquer anything in the way of obtaining your best self.

What Josh's Clients Say:

Josh is an awesome trainer and person! He customized a training program to meet my needs, which will help me obtain my fitness goals. I highly recommend Josh.

-Michael DeSalvo

I just started training with Josh. I finally forced myself to keep going. I have MS. My only chance to prevent a progressive decline is to get myself fit. Fatigue has been a huge part of my life. Unless I have a regular appointment, I will not exercise. Sometimes, I ask myself if I can afford personal training. The real question is can I afford not to hire a personal trainer. I envision the answer as Personal Trainer Josh Steckel saying, ‘Jesse Wassner? Come with me if you want to live!’ I am committed. If I ever call Josh whining I can't make it to a training session, I instructed him to immediately morph into the classical drill sergeant and order, ‘You get your butt down here or you are going to be sorry you were ever born!’ Since Josh is such a good trainer, this scenario will not happen. I am at the Center three times per week!

-Jesse Wassner

I just completed winter-into-spring training with Josh Steckel. I was never a fan of working out in a gym; yet, I am an avid runner with eight marathons under my belt. To keep fit, I ran more. I think I had a phobia of the gym. Josh understood a runner of my type very well. He got me to work on strength, overall fitness, and flexibility, which were not priorities for me. He assured me in January we would improve those issues. I had my reservations because I was a bad athlete for a long time. He was gentle when he needed to be, and challenged me when I needed to raise the bar. I have the fruits of his labor to show for it. In March, I ran the NYC half marathon in 1:40 (hours: minutes) at the 7:39 minute/mile pace. My best half marathon in years! I passed through the hilly section of Central Park feeling strong, not depleted. That was awesome! In April, while coaching Team in Training (TNT) participants of New Jersey Half and Full Marathon, I ran for 33 miles and walked four miles totaling 37 miles in under eight hours. I still got up strong the next day. A year ago, I would not have imagined accomplishing anything beyond my usual 26.2 miles! If you are training for a race or to improve your fitness level, Josh is definitely the “go-to” person!

-Themba Nyirenda

I am physically disabled. I use a chair to get around, but that doesn't stop me from wanting to be strong enough to get back what I had. At the Center, my visions are becoming a reality. It makes me super excited. Recently, I started working with Personal Trainer Josh. He is an amazing trainer and wonderful person. I know he sees the vision I have for myself so he encourages me to go farther. This is absolutely what I need to build confidence and be strong mentally. He makes adaptations where needed for different things we do. He is very understanding, an important quality in a trainer. I highly recommend Josh to anyone. I can't say it enough-- he is amazing!

-Tracy Wacha

I have been confined to a wheelchair my whole life. I was born with cerebral palsy, which leaves me stiff and tight all the time. Josh gets me in the pool and standing, something I never thought I would do in my life. I am in less pain, and for that I will be forever grateful. Josh always will have a place in my heart because of what he helps me do. I never will be able to repay him for what he has done for me! Thank you is not enough.

-Phyllis Caporino

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