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Krystal Ortiz

Personal Trainer

Krystal_OrtizKrystal is passionate about exercise and its power to improve lives. She earned her Bachelor of Science degree in public health from Rutgers University, and her Associate degree in exercise science from Passaic County Community College.

Krystal earned her certification in personal training from the National Academy of Sports Medicine. She is also CPR/AED certified. Her specialties include helping members achieve and maintain a healthy weight, overall body toning, and core training.

Krystal was a competitive cheerleader for four years. Her latest fitness goal is to compete in a Tough Mudder. In her free time, Krystal researches trends in fitness and nutrition to remain educated for her clients' best interest. She also enjoys baking healthy snacks, reading, and completing arts and crafts.

Her favorite foods are Italian stuffed shells and Mexican chicken enchiladas. Fun fact: Krystal loves to sing in the car.

With effective, fun programs, Krystal is excited to help members achieve any fitness goal. She loves being a vessel of motivation for her clients as they strive for healthier lives.

What Krystal's Clients Say:

Personal Trainer Krystal developed an exercise program tailored to my needs. I wanted to get in better shape and improve my golf game. She researched exercises that focused on core and leg muscles to help me develop more power. She helped me set the foundation to get healthier with diet recommendations and exercise routines to enhance my well-being.

-Michael Heller

I began at the Center with a debilitating back injury from over a year ago. Within a few months of training with Personal Trainer Krystal, I'm back on the right track. Continuing to train at the Center has allowed me to live life my way again. In addition to working with her, I have been running at least three times per week on my own. My quality-of-life is great again, thanks to Krystal.

-Dennis Ferraioli

Personal Trainer Krystal is the best! She helped me get into the best shape of my life. Our workouts are fun and challenging. I lost weight, gained muscle, and increased my self-confidence. I love working with Krystal.

-Robert Spinato

Krystal always engages, encourages, and challenges you to work on what you need the most. She does all of that and makes you laugh. Amazing!

-Michael Giuliano

evelyn_sPersonal Trainer Krystal is the best! She helped me get into the best shape of my life. Our workouts are fun and challenging. I lost weight, gained muscle, and increased my self-confidence. I love working with Krystal.

-Evelyn Shaker

I am an insulin-dependent diabetic. Krystal is helping me lead a healthier life. My A1C levels have greatly improved, and I have lost weight and many inches due to her excellent guidance. Her training program is wonderfully challenging and lots of fun. I am in one of her Small Group Training sessions, which meets three times a week. Each week, I am thankful we have her as our trainer. Krystal is the best!

-Carol Fink

I've been working with Krystal for a while. I am so happy with my results. I am toned and my core is stronger. She modifies any exercises that may be disagreeable with my shoulder. I feel healthier. When I am complimented, I say, "body by Krystal" with a huge smile 😍.

-Linda DeFrino

Krystal has been more than a trainer for me. She has been someone with whom I can talk. She makes my training sessions seem like a breeze. I feel better about myself because she challenges me beyond what I thought were my limits. Thank you, Krystal, for helping me journey to a better self!

-Michelle Cabanilla

Personal Trainer Krystal is the best! She helped me get into the best shape of my life. Our workouts are fun and challenging. I lost weight, gained muscle, and increased my self-confidence. I love working with Krystal.

-James Taveras

I was training at the Center for just over a year when I decided to try a personal trainer. I needed someone mentally strong to keep up with my issues, including Tourette syndrome, vertigo, and four herniated discs in my lower back. On our first meeting, Krystal asked me questions about my goals and challenges. After I told her about my issues, she detailed what we could and could not do. This showed me she was looking out for my well-being. It was not a wait-and-see approach. She created a fitness program, which included two weekly two-hour sessions. However, her training didn't stop there. Krystal would text me between sessions to see how I felt. She wants to ensure her training is helping and not making any issues worse. She always makes sure I am okay. She asks about my back and vertigo. Now, she can tell by observation if anything bothers me, and replaces it with another exercise. This is a trainer at her best. When I hurt my back shoveling snow she often checked on me via text. She put her expertise into action, instructing me to do certain stretches to help my back. Even when I could not train for months because of my back, she still did her best to make me well again. I never saw results when I worked out alone. I needed someone to challenge me and, simultaneously, be aware of my issues. When you train multiple people, I'm sure it is hard to keep track of everyone’s limitations. She always knows. Also, I went from 24 percent body fat to 17 percent in 18 sessions. Now, I am back from another injury and ready to start again. Working out with Krystal is like exercising with a friend who challenges you to do better and go the extra mile.

-Patrick Sweeney

Soon after joining the Center, I realized I needed some structure, and wanted to meet with a personal trainer for some guidance. That's when I met with Krystal we discussed my goals and my physical and medical restrictions. Krystal evaluated me and setup a training program for me to achieve my goals. I have been training with Krystal twice a week for a year now. Her sessions are challenging and different each time, she's constantly encouraging you to do your best. The plan Krystal developed for me along with her motivation and encouragement has resulted in me losing weight, improving my balance, flexibility, stamina and strength. Thank You Krystal for helping me improve my health.

-Frank D'Angelo

I've had the pleasure of working with Krystal for over a year. Recently, I increased my number of workouts with her based on the results she has helped me achieve. She helps me get stronger and healthier-- not only during our training sessions but also by recommending exercises for when I'm not with her. She helps me with my dietary needs, too. Since working with Krystal, I lost over 30 pounds and several inches. I never felt better! I still have a long way to go to achieve my fitness goals. However, I could not have gotten this far without Krystal. She has become more than a trainer to me. I consider her a friend. On my days off, she always checks on me. I'm forever grateful for all she has done to help me!

-Karen Fosdick

Krystal is an awesome personal trainer! Our workouts are never boring and always challenging. Krystal puts a great deal of thought into our sessions. She tailors each of them to my needs. She has helped me lose weight and gain muscle. I highly recommend Krystal to anyone looking for great results.

-Melissa Frassetto

Krystal is an amazing trainer! After my knee and quad surgery, she helped me train in the pool until my range-of-motion returned. Her knowledge and skills helped me strengthen my knee and leg in a few short weeks.

-Twanna Rose

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