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Rachel Elyakin

Personal Trainer

Rachel customizes workouts to help members take exceptional care of themselves. She is a certified personal trainer and corrective exercise specialist from the National Academy of Sports Medicine. She is certified in TRX suspension training.

She specialize in fitness programs to help weight-loss efforts and decrease body-fat percentage. She is skilled at helping her clients sculpt their body, with special attention to lower-body muscles like glutes. Rachel also works with endurance athletes to improve their time and speed via marathon training. Her workouts often incorporate high-intensity training to help members accomplish these goals and much more.

What Rachel's Clients Say:

I have been training with Rachel for over two years. She is incredible. She truly cares about helping her clients meet their fitness goals. She plans workouts that are fun and challenging. Rachel helps me improve my overall strength and form when doing exercises. Her guidance gives me the confidence to exercise by myself on the Fitness Floor on days between our training sessions. She is a positive, happy person. Rachel makes a personal connection with her clients. She cares about our lives beyond the Center as well. I value the time and hard work she dedicates to helping me become physically and mentally stronger.

Alison M

When I received the gift of membership at the Center, I panicked. I did not know how to use any of the exercise equipment. I was not sure which exercises I could do because of a back injury. Luckily, I was paired with Rachel. She gently guided me through learning each piece of equipment. She customized exercises that would help me and not hurt my back. I used to complain a lot about my back hurting. It was especially painful in bed. Since I have been training with Rachel, I am much stronger and my back does not hurt. I can sleep all night without struggling to find a way to be comfortable. My arm strength also has improved. Rachel is wonderful. I am thankful for her dedication to my training program and fitness.

Jane Chadwick


For about one year, I struggled with an arthritic hip, which limited my ability to exercise. Finally, I followed medical advice and got a hip replacement. After I finished physical therapy at the Center, I decided to continue training on my own. At my initial fitness assessment with Rachel, I realized I still had a ways to go and Rachel was someone who could help me stay motivated and get results. I was right. Rachel is extremely dedicated and capable. She continuously gives me new exercises to improve my flexibility, balance, and cardiovascular fitness. And, the exercises simultaneously work different muscles. Her personality makes the workouts enjoyable, even as she adjusts my form and nudges me about my diet. We have accomplished a lot with just two one-hour workout sessions per week, which I look forward to. Anyone who is committed to improve their health and wellness would be lucky to find a trainer as phenomenal as Rachel.

Vince Picciano

For over a year, I have been training with Rachel. She helps me achieve my fitness goals. I was new to weightlifting. She gave me the confidence to strength train with weights on my own. I love training with Rachel. She motivates me to work harder. She helps me understand how to exercise to increase strength and stamina. Working with her is lovely. I highly recommend Rachel.

Anne Mees

d7945fc54d8f41a9a8dba6a9ac653570.jpegRachel and I have been training for almost two years. She goes above and beyond what is expected. Rachel shares nutrition tips and challenges me to exercise. Additionally, she challenges my thinking. She helps me dig deeply and listen to myself so I can more easily get through bad days. She helps me add value to my life. She cares about what happens to me outside the Center, beyond that one-hour training session. I have transformed physically as well as mentally. I am super grateful for her guidance throughout this journey.

Rosemary Santos

doreen_tabussi_apn_1I joined the Center knowing I needed to do something for my health. I never believed I would come as far as I have in such a short amount of time. Only about four months ago, I was overweight, out of shape, and could barely do a flight of stairs without being winded. Now, I am in great shape and feel the best I have in years. I lost about 25 pounds and dropped several sizes. I have gone from asking, "You want me to do what?" to knowing I can do that and probably more. Rachel modifies my workouts when my arthritis flares up, and challenges me when I feel well. People continuously notice my weight loss and tell me I look great. I feel great, too. Thank you, Rachel, for helping me commit to fitness and become much healthier.

Doreen Tabussi

Initially, I came to Rachel for exercise to help my back pain as well as strengthen my body overall. After being her client for over a year, my back pain has decreased substantially. Rachel showed me the importance of strength training. She is very hands-on. She listens carefully to her clients’ wants and needs. Then, she helps them train hard to achieve each goal. Working with Rachel is a pleasure. She is a true professional in her field.

Judi Collette


Rachel is an extraordinary trainer. I’ve been training with her for over two years. Her sessions are creative. She challenges me and encourages me to the next level. In addition, she is a great listener. Rachel understands my fitness goals. Her passion to help me makes me want to work hard and never give up. Training sessions with Rachel help me, both physically and mentally.

Melanie Volino

I take a lot of Group Fitness cardio-focused classes. However, I wanted to strength train, too. I did not want a typical workout. I wanted an “outside the box” experience. I chose Rachel because I was impressed with the training she did with others on the Fitness Floor. Rachel continuously challenges me. We never have done the same workout twice, even after training together every week for eight months. Aside from the workout, I enjoy Rachel's company. An hour one-on-one is a long time. It is helpful that we make a great team! Mental and emotional wellness is important to me, too. I highly recommend Rachel!

Cherie Hans

Rachel is truly concerned about her clients’ overall health. She helps set realistic fitness goals. She challenges me during each training session, even when I want to quit. Rachel ensures I always perform exercises correctly and efficiently to maximize results and avoid injury. She demonstrates the movements, coaches me through them, and corrects any issues with my posture or technique. I look forward to my training sessions with Rachel. They are always unique and challenging!

Melinda Geisler

Rachel is amazing! She is a wonderful trainer who makes sessions fun. She challenges you to go beyond your comfort level, which is needed to get results. She knows what works and what does not, especially if you want to sculpt the booty and slim the waistline. She provided me with workout cards to use on days I am not training with her. I could not have asked for a better trainer. Best of all, Rachel is a joy to be around. Your workout feels more like a fun social hour.

Paula Kundu

I worked with Rachel for almost a year and a half. She supported me in improving my body and increasing my self-esteem. Although I am older than her mother, she did not hold anything back during our training sessions. Whenever I said I couldn't, she always believed I could. And I did. I gained six to seven pounds of muscle. At 62 years old, I am stronger than I ever imagined. I can do four pull-ups without assistance. I leg press 275 pounds. Most of all, I am more confident and pleased with my body than I ever have been in my life. I soak up the compliments. It was an investment with returns that exceeded my expectations. Rachel challenges and inspires you, and helps you believe in yourself.

Zulema Suarez

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Rachel is an amazing trainer! I love how she is compassionate about her clients overall health. She sets realistic goals and challenges me during each session even when I want to give up. She ensures that I'm performing the exercises correctly and efficiently in order to maximize results and to avoid injury by demonstrating the movement, coaches me through it, and corrects any issues with my posture or technique. I look forward to my training sessions with her as they are always unique and challenging!



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