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Robert McKenna

Personal Trainer

Robert_McKennaRobert recognizes the value of his clients’ time. He maximizes each Center visit with efficient, effective fitness programs. After a 27-year career in the corporate world, he understands the stress of maintaining work-life balance. Robert helps members achieve a healthy lifestyle, despite their hectic schedules.

He earned his Associate’s degree in electronical technology from Rockland Community College, and his Bachelor of Arts degree in business administration from St. Thomas Aquinas College. Robert earned his personal training certifications from the National Exercise & Sports Trainers Association and the National Personal Training Institute. He is certified in kettlebell instruction and TRX training from the National Personal Training Institute, as well.

Robert enjoys working with all age groups and fitness levels. He specializes in motivating individuals who are embarking on their fitness journey for the first or hundredth time. With a smile, plenty of patience, and a positive attitude, Robert eagerly helps clients succeed.

Join Robert on the Fitness Floor for a workout that lifts your spirits and strengthens your body.

What Robert's Clients Say:

Rob is a great personal trainer and his group classes are fantastic. He creates exercise programs customized to your abilities to help you achieve goals . He knows all members do not share the same skill set and fitness level, and accommodates accordingly. Rob listens to what you have to say.

-Sandy Gelman

I trained with Rob when I first joined the Center. I had a knee replacement and couldn't exercise for a while. Recently, I met with Rob and discussed the exercises my therapist gave me for my leg and right side of my body. I felt my upper body was getting weak. Rob really listened and customized a program to meet my needs. Thanks to Rob, I'm on my way to feeling better and gaining strength.

-Ann Gregg
My first personal training session with Rob was in 2015. My mom's health issues, and my aversion to exercise, caused me to stop going to the Center. Last year, the Center sent out a flyer announcing Rob as trainer-of-the-month. I took this as a sign to reestablish my fitness program. Since training with Rob again, I have gained improvements in strength and flexibility. We have performed TRX exercises I never would have done on my own. He gave me a series of flexibility, resistance, and cardio exercises to complete when I am not training with him. I attend his seated strength classes, which have given me the courage to join other fitness classes.
-Dianne Nottingham

I have been training with Rob for six months. When I started, I had little knowledge or experience in the different types of exercises that exist. The Center is amazing, but it can be overwhelming. Rob motivates me to continue to get in better shape. He is encouraging and knowledgeable. Most importantly, he makes sure I exercise using proper form so I do not injure myself. He even got my wife to start exercising!

-Steven Weil

Bob is our Seated Strength class instructor. When he enters the studio, he greets everyone with a smile. He is witty and makes us feel at home. I have increased upper-body strength and improved my balance, which I never thought would happen, in four weeks of taking his class twice a week. Now, I feel more confident in my balance than ever. Please keep smiling, Bob. Working with you is truly delightful. Thank you!

-Dolores Apice

I met Rob as soon as I joined the Center. He was the reason I consistently felt motivated to exercise. As a working professional traveling daily from NYC to Jersey, being terribly undisciplined, wanting to eat ice cream every night, and disliking going to a gym, it definitely was not easy. However, I felt comforted knowing I would be working with a trainer who knows his stuff but is also friendly and understanding (especially when I was late on numerous occasions). I appreciate his character, as well as the preparation and intentionality of his training programs. This reflects his knowledge and makes him stand out as a seasoned professional. He creates training programs tailored to individuals of all levels. Rob does the hard work of assessing and listening to your wishes, which results in developing the best workouts to help you achieve long-lasting results. There are no shortcuts here. Simply do the work and it'll show. Rob is there to guide and encourage you to achieve your goals. My overall strength has improved, my stamina has increased, and I have gained confidence. I have not reached my goals yet, but I know with Rob's training and tips I'm not that far from achieving them. For me, this fitness journey has been more of a mental battle. I couldn't have asked for a better trainer to be with me in this process.

-Louise Han

I just finished 16 sessions of personal training with Rob. I met with him when I first joined the Center earlier this year. It was rather serendipitous but turned out to be one of my best experiences. Rob is knowledgeable, informative, and communicates well. He is courteous beyond anything I could have hoped for. Every session he designed was built on the previous one in a progressive manner. He was considerate of my limitations due to several surgeries as well as my age. Rob made sure each session was a positive and productive experience. Now, I will fly solo for a while. However, I am sure in the near future I will need more training sessions. Rob definitely will be my trainer of choice then.

-Hans-Jurgen Lehmann

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