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Sara Melignano

Sara helps members make positive, small changes to achieve big progress. She earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in psychology from William Paterson University. She is certified in personal training and nutrition from the National Personal Training Institute. Sara is also a certified personal trainer through the National Academy of Sports Medicine. To assure effective workouts while remaining efficient, Sara focuses on full-body training. By multitasking muscle groups, her clients achieve a balanced workout at every session. Assistant Personal Training Manager Sara Melignano is confident in her ability to accommodate each client’s unique needs through creative, powerful fitness programs.

What Sara's Clients Say:

Since I began training with Sara, I lost over one percent of my body fat, took two inches off my waist, and maintained my weight at 190 pounds. I am leaner and have more energy. I credit all my success to Sara and her training method. Sara creates full-body circuit workouts for each session. She has exceeded all my expectations with her fitness programs. Sara physically and mentally challenges me, and does it with a smile. I could not have asked for a better trainer.

-Russ Herren

I've been working with Sara for the past four months, two weekly sessions for 30 minutes each. She reviews a new plan with me every week in detail. So far, I lost an inch off my stomach, and gained .25 inch on my biceps. I also turned four pounds of fat into muscle. I couldn't have done it without Sara!

-Amanda Coons

am really thankful. Sara is an excellent, patient, and encouraging trainer. I am glad I worked out with her. I hope to train with Sara in the future. Thanks for everything! -Mayra Ipiales Sara and I train two times a week for a half hour. She creates dynamic, full-body workouts, which increase my endurance and muscle tone. I lost 18 pounds. She is incredibly encouraging, always challenging me to get the most from our training sessions.

-John Nartowicz

It has been great training with Sara. I never had a trainer before, and I really enjoy it. Sara motivates me. She really cares about me and my progress. Her upbeat attitude and sense of humor make the sessions fly by! I appreciate everything Sara has taught me. I see the progress and am excited to continue.

-Alexis Bethge

Recently, I had the pleasure of working with Sara one-on-one for several months. I found her to be the best. Initially, I chose Sara for her interpersonal skills. She immediately made me feel comfortable and confident in what we could accomplish together. I quickly realized she was knowledgeable in physiology and exercise as well as nutrition. I found myself growing measurably stronger each week. Her dietary tips helped me feel healthier and more energized. In addition, she frequently changed our training routine so my body continuously was challenged in new, creative ways—a sure way to get results. I look forward to working with Sara again in the future.

-Maria Leichner

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