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Tommy DePasquale

Personal Trainer

Tom_DePasqualeAfter a decade in the business world, Tommy ventured into a career where he could help people improve their lives. He earned his Bachelor of Science degree in exercise science from William Paterson University. He is a certified health fitness specialist from the American College of Sports Medicine, with infant/child/adult CPR/AED certification from the American Red Cross.

His prior experience includes working in the cardiac rehab department of a hospital, and the fitness department of an active-adult, assisted-living community. Tommy's goal is to earn his master's degree in a health-related field, which would allow him to work in a clinical setting.

Tommy specializes in training older adults, specifically those hoping to improve balance, strength, and mobility. He helps improve quality-of-life with exercise programs that increase physical wellness. He specializes in working with those graduating from physical therapy to a safe, effective fitness regimen.

He also works with members training to accomplish a healthy weight and gain muscle tone. When creating fitness programs, he considers his clients' physical abilities as well as personal likes and dislikes. Tommy assures sessions are comfortable, fun, and get results.

What Tommy's Clients Say:

I have been training with Tommy since I became a Center member. From the start, I could see he was caring and professional. I am an older adult with some limitations. Tommy designs programs to fit my needs while still challenging me. I am stronger and have better balance, as a result. He is truly an asset to the Center. I have the highest regard for him, both as a trainer and person. I look forward to continuing to increase my fitness level and strength with Tommy.

-Anne Schneider

I needed physical therapy for several issues. When I take the Seated Strength class, instructed by Trainer Tommy, it helps so much. The work done with Tommy enhances the exercises required in physical therapy. After his class, I really feel good. He is attentive to every detail, ensuring each participant receives the care and supervision necessary for a successful outcome. I appreciate the high-quality trainers at HackensackUMC Fitness & Wellness Powered by the Giants.

-Zelda Starr

Tommy is professional, knowledgeable, personable, and caring. He continually monitors my physical condition and plans a variety of workouts to build my mobility, strength, balance, and endurance. He encourages and motivates me so I enjoy each session. I definitely have benefited from training with Tommy. He is everything a personal trainer should be.

-Jane Dineen

During my first cycle of rehab after a recent knee injury, I was assigned to Tommy as a personal trainer. I quickly realized he is genuinely concerned about his clients. He designed the first set of exercises for my workout. After each session, my mobility improves and my pain lessens. Whenever I am at the Center, Tommy greets me by name and asks about my progress. I know I have a long journey ahead, and progress is slow. However, this is the place where I belong. Many thanks to Tommy.

-Paulette Nardi

I have severe COPD. After being released from the hospital, my body frame resembled a stick figure drawn by a kindergartner. Life insurance agents, upon hearing my medical history, ignored me. I arrived at HackensackUMC Fitness & Wellness some time ago, and asked Personal Trainer Tommy if there was anything he could do. He didn't hesitate to help. After reading his bio, I understand why. Tommy is tailor-made for coaching and inspiring “outliers” like me, whose immediate goal is to achieve some semblance of ordinary physical strength. Tommy is knowledgeable and articulate. He is sensitive without being overly protective. He is extremely patient. Tommy knows my personal limitations and when to safely push beyond them.

-Michael Slevin

Tommy helped me with my exercise program. Before training with him, I was unable to raise my arms above my head or cross my arms behind my back. After following the program Tommy designed for me, I can! I am very happy with my progress.

-Theresa Gilburn

I definitely have benefited from training with Tommy. He is everything a personal trainer should be. He continually monitors my form to correct mistakes and help me avoid injury. After each evaluation, he updates my routine to further increase my mobility, strength, balance, and endurance. He motivates me to get the most out of every training session. I look forward to working with Tommy. He is professional, knowledgeable, personable, and caring.

-Hugo Poli

Tommy is very passionate about helping others. He is professional and knowledgeable. His clients are his first priority.

-Cathy DePrisco

This past year, I have had such a positive experience training with Tommy. When I joined the Center, I was overweight, unbalanced, and out of shape. With Tommy's support, knowledge, love for his job,and compassion for us older people, I successfully overcame many health issues. Three weeks ago, I had a hip replacement. Amazingly, I am walking without a cane. I attribute this success to working with Tommy. I still have physical therapy ahead of me before I can return to the Exercise Floor. But, you can be sure I will continue to have Tommy as my personal trainer.

-Kathy Martin

I met Tommy the day I joined the Center. As he took my blood pressure and scheduled my orientation appointment, I was guarded and apprehensive. However, I went home hopeful I would like the Center and start exercising regularly. Within a week, I was hooked! I started personal training with Tommy and never imagined I would enjoy exercising as much as I do. Tommy is a fabulous trainer. He is smart, skilled, and good at explaining things. He instantly helped me feel comfortable and safe, which has been very important to me. He challenges me when I overthink things, and redirects me when I lose focus. He is funny, kind, supportive, and connects with people of all ages and ability levels. Our training sessions are never boring. I love going to the Center! I have had great results, thanks to Tommy who seems as pleased with them as I am. At one of our first training sessions, I forgot to bring water. Tommy noticed I was thirsty and overheated, so he took out his wallet and bought me a bottle of water. I cannot imagine a trainer at any other facility doing that. I'm very thankful for Tommy. I feel fantastic, physically and emotionally. I couldn't have come this far without him.

-Jane Dunleavy

I have worked with Tommy for months now, both in strengthening classes and training sessions. I notice improvements in my balance and overall strength. As an added bonus, I lost weight and inches. I admire how he listens to his clients' concerns. He is happy to work alongside his clients' doctors to create a workout plan suited for individual needs. He has helped me with several challenges. He shared his knowledge as well as information about other services the Center offers that can safely keep me on my fitness track. I recommend Tommy to everyone.

-Elizabeth Watson

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